Review: The Divergent Series: Allegiant Takes #2 at the Box Office… Still A “MUST SEE” Says My Niece Cameron!

OK… So I’ve been seeing a lot of “not so good” reviews for The Divergent Series: Allegiant since it’s debut over the weekend.  The third series took #2 at the box office right behind Zootopia (which is a really cute movie for the kiddies & adults) 🙂

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I wasn’t able to attend the ATL advanced screening last week and more importantly… my niece Cameron (13)  is a die hard Divergent series fan so I sent my gurus.  She thinks it’s still a “MUST SEE” and had a few comments of her own!

“I love how they included more of the other characters in this movie. In the other two it was all about Tris and her finding herself… she’s done that which creates more space for other people/characters. For example Tobias (Four)… in the other movies they didn’t really show what he’s really all about.  They made him look like a typical boyfriend in a typical movie. But in Allegiant, they show how he would do anything to keep Tris safe and on the right path. It also showed a little more of Peter in this movie. It showcased him as the humorous villain. The movie showed more of Tris and Caleb’s relationship as siblings. And if you didn’t read the book before watching the movie, it introduces new characters including Matthew and  David. Allegiant is definitely not a movie you wouldn’t wanna miss!”  – Cameron

My beautiful nieces Cameron & Tyler

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant…  in theaters NOW!  Check out the trailer:




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