It’s RobinLori Highlights: aTVfest 2016 Presents FOX’s ‘Lucifer’, ‘Uncle Buck’ and ‘Grimm’ – Day 4

The aTVfest 2016 presented by SCAD ended yesterday with a bang!  Today’s It’s RobinLori highlights includes cast appearances from MORE of my favorite TV shows… FOX’s Lucifer, ABC’s Uncle Buck and NBC’s Grimm!

Mike Epps
Mike Epps










Part of my mission at aTVfest was to photograph for Getty Images. I had a late start and literally ran into the press room where Actor Mike Epps and Executive Producer Will Packer was conducting their last interview.  Out of breath… I said to Will & Mike, “I know I’m late… but I’m just coming from church.  Could you PLEASE let me grab a few pics?”  They laughed, clapped their hands and graciously posed for me. 🙂 I almost fainted from the adrenaline rush.  LOL!  Stay tuned for Uncle Buck coming to ABC!

Lucifer Cast at aTVfest
Lucifer Cast at aTVfest- Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tom Ellis, Rachael Harris, Joe Henderson, DB Woodside and Showrunner Joe Henderson




















And then came Actors DB Woodside & Tom Ellis of FOX’s “Lucifer”. As you know… I had an It’s RobinLori interview DB Woodside and FINNALY had a chance to officially meet him and snap a few pics.  I’m sure he has interviewed with a million outlets… but he actually remembered me!  Especially since I ask what his mom thought about the new role in LUCIFER. 🙂  AND I actually LOVE the show… it’s not the typical “bad guy doing bad things”…  it actually has a twist as Lucifer try’s to do good.  Be sure to check it out on FOX Mondays.

Check out my It’s RobinLori interview post.

And my selfies with DB and the very cool & witty Tom Ellis!

aTVfest day 4 1aTVfest day 4 4



Cast of NBC’s GRIMM:

Cast of Grimm at aTVfest/iPhone pic
Cast of Grimm at aTVfest/iPhone pic
















I had the time of my life capturing all of the amazing cast members from my favorite TV shows.  I LOVE MY JOB!  #grateful

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