It’s RobinLori Interview: One on One with Tee Marie Hanible of FOX American Grit!!


I was about to burst into butterflies when I finally got the chance to speak one on one with this phenomenal woman!  Meet Tee Marie Hanible... a decorated Gunnery Sergeant of Marines and the only female coach of the FOX hit series American Grit!!  My son LOVES Tee Marie and this military-based competition & reality show… so once again I AM A ROCK STAR MOM








Born and raised in Chicago, Tee Marie   deployed to Iraq for the initial invasion in 2003 and was the only female to go out with her unit. She started a wonderful organization, Operation Heroes Connect which connects “at-risk” youth with service members and veterans as full-time mentors. Tee Marie recently retired from the Marine Corps after 19 years of service and her first assignment was AGAIN becoming the only female military expert on this high energy show!


AG stars WWE Superstar John Cena and an elite group of mentors push 16 contestants beyond their limits for prize money worth up to a million dollars. If you have NOT yet seen American Grit….



Tee Marie Hanible and President Obama



Well, here we go!  I’m not going to attempt to transcribe our conversation… instead you’re going to  hear the raw & uncut audio.  LOL, I haven’t quite got the hang of merging the lines for recording so you will hear me struggle at the beginning.  Other than this little blunder and my nerves…  it was such an honor to speak with Tee Marie.  Click below and ENJOY our little chat 🙂


Oh, and after listening to the audio and you wonder if she called back for Brandon…  SHE DID (did not record this one)!! He was dying to know about the “circus  ice challenge.”  Sending a HUGE thanks to Tee Marie for making my baby smile 😀





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