(Video) It’s RobinLori OnSet at TV One’s “Deadbeat Dad Rehab” with Producer Roger Bobb!

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I’m tickled pink to introduce another great show filmed right here in Atlanta!  Last week, I was able to visit the set of TV One’s “Deadbeat Dad Rehab” with super producer Roger Bobb, CEO of Bobbcat Films, actors Malik Yoba and Rick Gonzalez!

Other cast members include Rob Riley, Robert Ri’chard and Wesley Jonathan who weren’t on the scene during this particular visit.  Oh but don’t freight… I have SO much more to share from other drive by’s 🙂  Stay tuned!

Deadbeat Dads Rehab is about four men who are in denial of their own poor parenting skills.  Drama with their baby’s mama & ex wives forces them to take matters into their own hands by attending a rehab for deadbeat dads.  Through all of the shenanigans…  Shawn, Tristan, Jared and Pierre finally learn the real meaning of fatherhood.

Yours Truly was invited out to take a sneak peek inside all the fun production going on behind the scenes.  During my first visit… I didn’t realize the location until I was in the room with the one and only Roger Bobb as he interviewed with other media outlets.  It was really cool to see his studio where all the magic happens.  Check my little clip of Roger discussing how Atlanta has been a huge supporter of film producers and movie productions in the area:

Ok so… I didn’t catch a shot of Malik while onset but met him the DAY BEFORE at the ATL Film Festival.  Check out my selfie and stay tuned for more Deadbeat Dad Rehab updates & highlights 🙂

Deadbeat Dad rehab Malik Yoba and Me


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