It’s RobinLori Goes Behind the Scene with “Saints and Sinners” Premiering TONIGHT!

Can’t believe what I’m about to tell you guys… in January Bounce TV invited a select group of working press to visit the set of Saints & Sinners during production in Atlanta. Media was able to gather behind-the-scenes photos and images, as well as interview members of the cast including Vanessa Bell Calloway, Richard Lawson, Clifton Powell, Gloria Ruben, Keith Robinson, Christian Keyes and Kelly Price.











Yours Truly was part of that team but OMG…  I accidentally DELETED ALL of my videos including  Clifton Powell and photos of the cast from my computer.  UGHHH!! I’ve been so busy over the past 2 months… moving a hundred miles a minute… I completely forgot about the footage and cleared files to make room for more. The only footage I have is a few pics and video clips from my iPhone.  #fail

But have no fear… check out my quick “drop” from the super talented singer and cast member Kelly Price.  We were at a beautiful local church on Ralph D Abernathy.   🙂


And the very handsome Christian Keyes!

I do remember having the time of my life on the set.  We were able to sit down for lunch with the entire production team and get up close and personal with the making of this highly anticipated series. Sending a huge thanks to Bounce TV for the invite!  Check out a few fun pics of me & cast, Richard Lawson in Action and other Saints & Sinner coverage by It’s RobinLori:

In Saints & Sinners, Greater Hope Baptist Church is the heartbeat of Cypress, GA, a large southern town outside Atlanta. As times changed and Cypress grew, so did Greater Hope’s influence. With the return of a prodigal son and a shocking crime that rattles the core of the community, long-kept secrets, deceit, jealousy and compromising sexual affairs threaten to demolish the heart of the church and shatter the lives of those within it. For it seems at Greater Hope, only God and the devil can tell the difference between a saint and a sinner.

Be sure to tune in TONIGHT!



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