Rosie Perez Visits Atlanta for Intimate Conversation About NEW Book!

Rosie Perez is by far one of the most fascinating gems on this planet!  Her beauty, talent and Porte Rican accent has dazzled audiences for many years and NOW she’s a talk show host for THE VIEW! Last night, Rosie visited Tree Sounds Studio in Atlanta for an intimate dinner and conversation about her new book: Handbook For An Unpredictable Life.

Rosie Perez 3
Rosie Perez














Rosie Perez and Mali Hunter
Rosie Perez and Mali Hunter














Rosie sat down in a cozy environment with the amazing Mali Hunter who is also her dear friend and chatted about life, lessons and new journey.  I’ve seen Rosie in many films highlighting her fiery personality and was SHOCKED to see how shy she really is! Oh my goodness she is so sweet and beautiful 🙂

She let us in on so many personal moments & thoughts behind the book including why she wrote it.  “I didn’t know at first why I wrote the book”, said Rosie.  “A young kid who read the book said to me I didn’t know you were JUST like us. From that moment… I found my reason”.

rosie perez book


This is a never-before-told story about survival and how Rosie found success in the midst of turmoil.  I was truly inspired by her courage, confidence and willingness to help others by sharing some of her most personal experiences.

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We laughed and cheered all night as Rosie shared some of her moments on Soul Train, her love for dancing, favorite rap songs and choreography clients.  I was thrilled to learn that her very first client was Bobby Brown!  How cool is that?!?!!

I can’t say another word without mentioning the wonderful hospitality provided by Mali & her team at Tree Sounds Studio.  The food was AMAZING and there was sooo much of it.  There was plenty of lamb, chicken, macaroni & cheese, drinks and RED BULLS for everyone!   Sending a huge thank you to Mali for the personal invite 🙂

Enjoy the pics I snapped!

The Braxtons (Trina and Towanda) and Friend
The Braxtons (Trina and Towanda) and Friend
















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