Snoopy takes to the skies with Delta Air Lines in Atlanta!

Gosh, I REALLY wanted to attend this event but mama had to make the bacon.  🙂  Yesterday, Delta Air Lines recognized Snoopy’s sixty-five years of bravery against his arch-nemesis, the Red Baron, with a ceremony at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta, GA. Known as the ‘Flying Ace’, Snoopy attended along with the creatives and co-stars of “The Peanuts Movie.”

Snoopy at Delta Airlines 4














Snoopy and the gang all received acknowledgements during the commemoration from Delta Flight Museum President, John Boatright, with Snoopy receiving an ‘Honorary Delta Pilot’ proclamation. Snoopy with Steve Martino (Director) and Craig Schulz (Writer/Producer) were given the rare honor of being bestowed the First Officer pin; a pin of honor amongst pilots far and wide. Voice-talent Noah Schnapp (“Charlie Brown”), Francesca Capaldi (“The Little Red-Haired Girl”), Hadley Belle Miller (“Lucy”) and Mar Mar (“Franklin”) were awarded Flight Attendant Wings.

Snoopy at Delta Airlines 2 Snoopy at Delta Airlines 3




















Guests at the ceremony included students from local grade schools, as well as Delta friends, family and employees. All were entertained by the Pope High School Marching Band and Dance Squad, who would spontaneously break out in the ‘Peanuts’ theme song to get the crowd moving.  No word on Woodstock’s whereabouts, but have no doubt he feels safer taking to the skies with the ‘Flying Ace’.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE opens everywhere November 6, 2015.

Special thanks to Allied THA for the invite!


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