The NEW Spa Sydell Venus Freeze Treatment!

Have you ever heard of the Venus Freeze by Spa Sydell??  Trust me, it’s not like it sounds… this NEW non-surgical body contouring is a cutting edge Skin treatment that uses radio frequency and Magnetic Pulse to tighten skin, reduce cellulite and wrinkles.  Last week, I headed over to meet Venus Freeze extraordinaire Melissa for my session!

Melissa Federico
Melissa Federico



















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I’m a mother of 2 precious boys and decided to target the belly after my consultation with Melissa. In addition to having 2 cesareans… I learned that skin looses elasticity and becomes harder to loose certain pockets of fat.  I was eager to lay on the table and experience this PAIN free solution.  Some women are open to skin tightening surgery or Botox but if you are looking for a non-invasive procedure like me… this is the option for YOU.


Venus Freeze is TOTALLY customizable & the number of treatments will vary patient to patient.  It typically takes about 6 treatments for the face and 6-8 for the neck & body.  Take a look at some of the awesome work by Melissa!

















I really enjoyed my 30 minutes with Melissa because it actually felt like a massage and we had a great chat.  Some prefer a quiet room but I got a kick out of asking questions and learning about the process.  She is truly a master of her craft and made me feel comfortable and fearless.  LOL!  Another  important factor about the procedure is to MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle.  You cannot use this as your ONLY solution ladies & gents.

So there’s several types of tools including the suction to help break apart fat cells & smooth out cellulite.  I honestly walked away feeling confident about the possiblilities.  Just a few more treatments to go!

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Make your appointment with Melissa TODAY and take advantage of the “Spa & Save August Sale by calling 770-552-1880 or by visiting Located at 10593 Old Alabama Road  Con, Alpharetta GA 30022

Special thanks to Spa Sydell 🙂



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