Spa Sydell’s Full Body Massage: A Hidden Treasure in Midtown!

And here’s the “last but NOT least” piece of my Spa Sydell adventure.. the Full Body Massage!  I’ve been a “busy bee” trying some of their premiere services including the Venus Freeze and facial/Skin Treatment so I made my final stop over to Midtown at Brookwood Plaza to see Patricia who was ready to go!












The atmosphere is always so calming… you immediately begin to take everything out of your mind and enter into another world of relaxation and bliss!  It reminded me of the “Calgon, take me away” commercial. 🙂

I’m not one for the hardcore “deep in the bones” kind of massage so I asked Patricia to be easy & give me just enough to feel that its working.   Sya Sydell offers so many wonderful services for the body, mind and soul.  Patricia performed the Swedish Body Massage and I could literally feel the stress leaving me.  As mentioned in my previous post.. I like to ask questions about the procedure which helps me to take in the FULL experience.  Patricia is certainly an expert at what she does and it was comforting to know I was in good hands. I walked out of there feeling REBORN and REJUVINATED!

Sending a HUGE thanks to Patricia and the entire TEAM for taking care of me!

Take a look at Spa Sydell offers HERE.




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