Spa Sydell’s Soy Hot Candle Wax Massage

Thanks to my friends at Spa Sydell I was invited to try out their HOTTEST (and I do mean hot) sensation… the SOY Hot Candle Wax Massage!

See the exciting details…

The team over at Midtown Brookhaven Plaza and Spa Director Florence made me feel right at home.  I was asked to choose from one of the candle fragrances (Fig Tree) and off I went.  NOTE: I did not take my camera into the therapy room with me.  🙂

My session was with Audrea who was patient, friendly and taught me quite a few interesting things including Reflexology:

As she began to massage my toes I started to chuckle because I never experienced the detailed touches.  She explained to me the reflexology concept which is the use of stimulating pressure points in various locations of the body (hands,feet & ears) to relieve stress and/or to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.  She said the “toe” area is considered the head which is why she gave it special attention.  I get a lot of headaches so it was perfect!  In addition… heated stones were placed above and beneath me to add extra warmth making it easier to relax. The massage along with the soothing sensation of the hot candle wax sent me into total RELAXATION. It was truly an ULTIMATE experience. 🙂

When the session was over… I swallowed down a fresh cup of water (mixed with limes & oranges) and walked out with a smile and container of FLO Bath Salt recommended by my new friend Audrea.

LADIES and GENTS… call 404-255-7727 right now to book your appointment!

Sending another special thanks to Dawn and the Spa Sydell Midtown team!





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