Stepp Stewart Takes the Stage in Red Hot Broadway Musical!

Last week, I had a chance to attend a Stepp Stewart production Red Hot Broadway!  I enjoy seeing our youth using their talents and with Mr. Stewart’s direction…  I was in for a treat.

Red Hot Braodway 3












In Celebration of Black History Month, Broadway veterans Stepp Stewart (from the Dr. Oz Show) and Kyra DaCosta along with a cast of talented performers took us through some of the best and most soulful Broadway selections performed over the years.  I’m a music lover and it  was great to hear some of my favorite broadway tunes!

Take a look at some of the pics I snapped.  If you ever have a chance to see one of these plays… DO SO!!  Visit the website at to learn more!

Special thanks to Larche Communications for the invite.

Red Hot Braodway 8












Red Hot Braodway 4












Red Hot Braodway 2












Red Hot Braodway 1












Red Hot Braodway 5












Red Hot Braodway 10












Red Hot Braodway 9












Red Hot Braodway 7














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