Steve Harvey Launches “Harvey Foods & Easy Bacon” at Press Conference in Atlanta!

Congrats goes out to Steve Harvey who JUST launched his new venture “Harvey Foods & Easy Bacon” Steve held his press conference with close friends and supporters including Mayor Kasim Reed and Frank Ski at the Park Tavern in Atlanta.

easy bacon

Easy Bacon is a partnership between Monogram and HarCal, the company created by comedian and television host Steve Harvey and Montgomery businessman Greg Calhoun. Easy Bacon will go on sale in Publix, Kroger and Wal-Mart supermarkets in Atlanta on Oct. 1.

“It cooks to a crisp in two minutes, one minute on each side,” Calhoun said. The product will go national in January.  -The Daily News

I didn’t attend the event but wanted to give a BIG shout out to Steve for another GREAT business venture.  He and his lovely wife Marjorie are certainly a dynamic power couple and fun to watch.  Here’s a couple of pics I grabbed from Frank’s instagram 🙂

easy bacon atlanta 1 easy bacon atlanta 2


2 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Launches “Harvey Foods & Easy Bacon” at Press Conference in Atlanta!

  1. I am visiting ga been to different walmarts in atl commerence and various other places even ohio indiana no bacon disappointed even fla and i live in nc. Waiting for the bacon…..I traveled for the bac[n

  2. To whom it may concern. I have been trying to find the easy bacon by Steve Harvey to purchase but I had no luck finding it in the Walmart where I live in Virginia is it possible that I can get it mailed to me through the mail where they sell it at please let me know I would like to have some of that bacon does Steve Harvey easy bacon thank you…

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