Steven Tyler Supports Hawaii Anti-Paparazzi Bill

I thought of my actions & courtesy as a photographer while reading this article from  Something to always consider…

Celebs including Steven Tyler and Britney Spears are supporting Hawaii’s proposal for anti-paparazzi bill intended to protect celebs from paparazziPic from Roberson

steven tyler
Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

Steven Tyler Act: Initiated by Steven

“The paradise of Hawaii is a magnet for celebrities who just want a peaceful vacation,” Tyler, who has a  house in Maui, said in a statement.

“As a person in the public eye, I  know the paparazzi are there and we have to accept that,” he added. “But when  they intrude into our private space, disregard our safety and the safety of  others, that crosses a serious line that shouldn’t be ignored.”


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