One Thing I know For Sure: Photography Tips from a Female Part 2

Every now and then I’d like to offer tips or “lessons learned” from my experiences as a female photographer.  See Part 1 HERE.

Captured this photo in my yard about 3 yrs ago..
Captured this photo in my yard about 3 yrs ago..













I’m no expert (yet) but here’s something I know for sure:

NEVER hand out your business cards as a “free for all” at a client’s event.  If you are being paid for a service… it’s NOT the time to do your own networking with their guest.  LOL, I cant believe my eyes when I see this happening.  For me, it doesn’t even FEEL right to hand out my cards or tell guests to go to my website to find event pictures.   When I’m hired to do a job… I represent the client and ALWAYS refer guests back to that client.

Trust me, there are plenty of opportunities to network and build relationships. Like… on your own time 🙂  People will see your photos when/if they are published or exposed and WILL reach out to YOU (if the pics are GREAT)!

Every now and then the client will give me the ok to give direct contact information and that’s the ONLY time I will respond.  You will gain more respect when you concentrate on the “job at hand” and work as though you are part of the team.

Do you agree or should a photographer seize every opportunity no matter what?

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