Got Talent? Here’s 3 MORE Things You Need for Success… Tips From A Female Photographer

I was chatting with my hubby last night about the “journey to success” and decided to share a few tips from my own journey to wonderful career in photography.  Got talent?? Great… here’s 3 MORE things you need to make things happen.  Unfortunately, these simple qualities will slip between the cracks of many aspiring business owners, artist, athletes… you name it.  This isn’t new information by no means… but sometimes we need to be reminded of the fundamentals.

Success in progress



3.  I’ve mentioned a couple of elements in my previous post about ReputationWork ETHIC is pivotal for successful.  People who spend money need to trust you will show up, be ON TIME and do the job. People are amazed at how fast I grown… I don’t have ANY magic potions… I just WORK.


2.  And guess what folks… we forgot about PEOPLE SKILLS.  Go to AMAZON quickly if you have NOT been introduced to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which shares critical principles on “human” interactions in the workplace and life.  You wouldn’t believe some of the mean folks I work around.  How can you expect to get out of your pit when potential buyers or customers don’t want to be around you??  It’s crazy how they think being a jerk leads to respect.  SMH…


1.   DRIVE in my opinion… is the single most important factor you must have to take your long road trip to success.  High acheievment rarely happens overnight… and you need that little voice in your head motivating you to keep going.  I believe that having drive is a gift… and I’ve had this trait since I was a little girl.  Here’s just a couple of examples:

As I’ve mentioned before… record deals and “sell out” concerts was my first claim to fame and I did everything in my power to make it happen.  LOL, I was 13 years old and back in those days… we used cassette tapes to send our demos.  I recorded a little song in my room, found an address and sent the tape to “Hal Jackson’s Talented Teens Pageant”.  Less than a week later I got a response from one of the local directors and became a contestant.  I won ALL of the local (NC) pageants but did not place in the grand finale.  But you know what…??  I made it all the way to NY City and was able to perform on stage at The Apollo Theater.

I started working at the age of 14.  My single mom worked 2 jobs… daytime at a corp office and nights at a small telemarking agency.  Bless her heart.. she had to take me & my sis with her from time to time and thank goodness her boss and co workers were always kind.  One day he invited us to pick up the phone and try a call.  The firm solicited donations for various non profit organizations and our job was to call residences and beg for money 🙂  Being young & energetic worked to our advantage and we tripled the amount of donations!!  We were hired on the spot and was paid $125 weekly (cash under the table)… not bad for a 14 year old living in the projects!!  That one opportunity sealed the deal for me and I NEVER allowed myself to depend on anyone for money.  Not even mommy.  We actually worked there for over 3 years until we went to college and started our own NAIL salon in the dorm!  LOL! YEP, ask anyone from St. Aug about the twins and they will mentioned our nail business & singing career.  So… I mentioned ALL of this to say… “You have to be your own cheerleader and believe that every little step is a step closer to your dream” 🙂

Having talent is half the battle… you need to be able to work with others and have a flame within yourself that can never burn out.

Hope this helps!


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