One on One with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Actress Jada Taylor!

Meet actress Jada Taylor, a delightful young (13)  lady who will be featured in the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay THIS November! Not only is she a beautiful model & actress… but an Obama Academic Award recipient! We had a chance to chat with Jada and she was full of surprises!

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My niece is a DIE HARD fan of the Hunger Games and I seized the opportunity to get a few topic ideas for my session with Jada!  Always aiming to be the cool auntie 🙂

RobinLori:  Congrats on all of your success as an actress, model AND your academic accomplishments!  Forgive me for starting with this… but my son is a 3rd grader who will be taking the CRCT this year and I’m terrified as a parent.  I read about your success with this test… what advice would you give to students gearing up for this assessment?

Jada Taylor
Jada Taylor



Jada: You have to concentrate and practice your “test taking” shills. If you don’t know the answer… eliminate the choices you know are not correct and then choose.  Its actually not called the CRCT anymore… its the Georgia Milestones which doesn’t include a lot of multiple choice questions like before.  They want you to provide the answer and your reason.  Another important key is to use the terms/vocabulary provided by the teachers.



RobinLori: Great information!  Now from education to audition… tell me about the day you won The Hunger Games role.

Jada: I’ve been acting since I was 7 years old then started training with Neko Parham. I also started working with J. Pervis Talent Agency who actually called & set up the audition NOT knowing it was for the Hunger Games.  I got a call back, was asked to read a couple of lines and I got the job!

RobinLori: How awesome it that?!?!!  Tell me about your character in the movie.  Is this your first appearance?

Jada: Yes, it is a featured role opposite Jennifer Lawrence and I’m from District 8.

RobinLori:  What is District 8??

Jada:  Each of the characters in the movie are from different areas/districts and my character is from District 8.

RobinLori:  Oh my goodness… my niece is going to kill me for asking that.  LOL!  Speaking of my niece… she is a true fan of The Hunger Games and wanted to know what it was like working with the other team members.  Were there any favorites?

Jada Taylor 1

Jada: Yes, Jennifer Lawrence of course was my favorite but everyone was nice and we ALL got along.  Most of the actors are older but I had a buddy Michael who was about my age.


RobinLori: What are some of your upcoming projects?


Jada:  I’m currently training and waiting on more auditions.  I also completed a project with the 2nd Generation – Wayans!

RobinLori:  I see that you’re from Atlanta.  What do you like to do or hang out (without giving specifics)?  Don’t want any stalkers 🙂

Jada:  I LOVE shopping and going to the malls.  I love walking around downtown with my dad… visiting the history sites and learning.

RobinLori:  Wow, so you actually read the maps and brochers provided by the museums and learning centers.?!?!!  You are truly a remarkable young lady.  Thank you for this chat 🙂

You can follow Jada on Instagram @A_TWIST_OF_TAYLOR and Twitter @jada1star

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