Through the Lens of NBA Photographer Andrew Bernstein

I’ve had this fascination with NBA Photographer Andrew Bernstein for the past few days…  Had a great chat with my dad who showed me an article about Bernstein’s photography gear valued at $125,000!!!











Bernstein is the Senior Director of NBA Photos and has served as the official photographer for the NBA since 1986.  He keeps three cameras with various length lenses by his side (cameras $3,500 to $6,000 each & lenses up to $7,000 each), and has a red button that sends out a wireless signal to half a dozen cameras set up around the arena. There are cameras mounted on the catwalks high above the floor and on tripods at the back of sections 104 and 107, a camera on the side of the basket support, one on the bar extending to the backboard, one above the basket, and a floor-view, wide-angle lens in a hole in the bottom of the basket support. –  J.A. Adande

Andrew Bernstein 3
J.A. Adande











Having courtside seats has it’s ups and downs…  Here’s a pic of Shaq on top of Bernstein at one of the games!  Bernstein attends at least 100 games per season.  This is one reason he packs all of his backup gear.  Wow, I feel a heavy load with just ONE camera! And get this… He regularly snaps 1,000 shots a night. FACSINATING!!

Photo/ J.A. Adande/
Photo/ J.A. Adande/











Here’s a look at some of the famous NBA shots:

Andrew Bernstein 4 Andrew Bernstein 5 Andrew Bernstein 6 Andrew Bernstein 7













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