Tiny Superheroes Help Kids with BIG Illnesses

I love stories that inspire me and wanted to share a little goodness with YOU!  Take a look at this adorable pic of Anthony, a 1 year old superhero fighting an illness but has the BIGGEST smile on his face.  Why??

Tiny Superhero Kids
Superhero Anthony/Courtesy Jacqueline Durham














Robyn Rosenberger, is a Seattle mom who started making superhero capes for her son then created capes for children battling illnesses that are undiagnosed, terminal or don’t have a cure.  Soon TinySuperheroes was born!

Robyn has her own blog and social media and Facebook have  allowed Tiny Superheroes to share incredible stories.  Once the child is comfortable in the new cape, his or her pictures and story are featured on the blog.  Many of these kids’ pages have 10,000 or more “likes” on Facebook, and for most families, social networking is a big source of advocacy and support. -Today.com


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