Tips From a Female Photographer: Let Your Conscious Be Your Guide…smh

Ok so… here’s another Tip from a Female Photographer  inspired by yet another Steve Harvey moment.  These moments are starting to become my muse 🙂  Last week, I wrote a small post about his fireside chat at the #BESummit in Atlanta… low and behold the comments & calls came pouring in. Smh…

BE Summit Steve Harvey 4
Steve Harvey
















I deleted MY clip/video of Steve’s heartfelt conversation with Paul Brunson and my peers could not understand why. “That’s your video and pictures.. and from your camera”, they always say to me.



Tip:  For me… it’s not always about what came from my camera but the circumstances that allowed me to get the pictures or video.  If I was paid or invited by a business to enter THEIR event and they ask me not to capture a certain piece or person that’s part of it… then guess what?!?…  I’m going to abide by the rules.




Of course I could easily hide the photos/video in my stash (like others) for the perfect TMZ moment and no one would ever know.  But I WOULD KNOW.  It would be on MY conscious and I love to sleep well at night.  What’s for me is for me.  I don’t have to scratch and pull for something that ain’t even honest.

You can fool people (including yourself) all the time… but you can’t fool the father ANY time.  For me, I just choose to keep my word and live an honest life.  Even if it’s inconvenient… MANY will bark like a loud dog if things don’t go their way or if they feel slighted in the smallest measure.  I just shake my head at how rude & inconsiderate folks can be.  Man, I’ve killed so many people with kindness… they never knew what hit em.  LOL!

You can get more bees with honey than with vinegar… or something like that. 🙂

So there you have it…  my tips don’t always include the latest camera technology or 101 Photography Training but skills for LIFE.  Hope it helps someone!



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