Tips From A Female Photographer: Lost Files of NBA Star James Harden

Ok, so I’ll admit…  I photographed NBA star James Harden (Houston) a couple of years ago but NEVER knew who he was until TODAY!  Tip from a Female Photographer:  Never trash your photos!

James Harden and Shannon Brown
James Harden and Shannon Brown


















James Harden has been in the news lately as Khloe Kardashian’s new love interest (not confirmed) and he’s going to receive an award for BET’s 1st Annual ‘Players Awards’ this month!  Wish I could fly to Vegas for that event but really I need to sit down somewhere for a minute or two.  But my POINT is… even though I didn’t know him while shooting at the 2013 Luda Day Basketball event, I STILL captured his photo & KEPT it.  I spotted all these photos of him on all the social media and said.. “Wait a minute, I know this guy… AND I have his picture”.  So now just because… I dug up his photos 🙂

You never know when/if things happen and you just might have that money shot!  So hold to EVERYTHING if you can.  On hard drives & electronically.

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