Tips From A Female Photographer: My Steve Harvey Photo Didn’t Come Easy

Tip from a female photographer: Don’t be afraid to hear the word “NO”.

Yesterday, I attended the LIVE broadcast of the Steve Harvey Morning Show during the 2014 Neighborhood Awards Weekend in Atlanta! It was an EARLY morning that began at 6 am and I had a TON of things to complete including celebrate my birthday.  LOL!

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey
















Steve featured a lot of fun guest and performances including the AMAZING John Legend!  I will be posting the complete story on John for my next post but for now… today’s story begins as Steve went backstage to interview with the local TV stations.

I knew that I may not get another opportunity to get my shot so I raced backstage and realized it was a VIP press room!  I was one of the ONLY photographers/bloggers in there!   There was one small issue… the news outlets had first dibs and some wasted precious seconds “literally”  trying to figure out what questions to ask him. Steve was patiently waiting after a long morning hosting his radio show and I’m sure he had very little time. I HAD to make an executive decision because I’ve been burned MANY times before waiting in the cut & missed my shots as the celebrities were whisked away.  It was a risky move but I seized the moment!

Steve Harvey as he waited to begin his interview.

Steve Harvey










Tip of the Day:  Anybody that knows me… KNOW that I’m not afraid of hearing NO.  I’m more afraid of not asking.  Most people are afraid of rejection which causes them to miss out on opportunities. I’ve been in sales all my life and have faced rejection inside & out of the office.   I don’t take anything in business personal and ANY pushback is an opportunity. It doesn’t stop ME! Yeah, I have to work a little harder to get what I need/want but it will NEVER come just waiting for things to happen.

So naturally, I introduced myself & asked him for the shot.  It’s funny because I caught it as he was waiting to begin an interview and his expression is priceless. But the important fact HERE  is that he paused and took a moment to give me the shot in spite of his circumstances. I also had the nerve to ask him for a “selfie” and AGAIN he paused.  He had 10,000 outlets pulling at him but I still asked & got what I needed.

I skipped & sang all the way home… until I dumped all my images and realized it wasn’t a clear shot.  LOL!  But oh well… you got the tip, right?

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