Tips From A Female Photographer: My Trumpet Awards Moment with Jamie Foxx!

Ok, so here’s ANOTHER example of “asking for the shot and let the chips fall where they may”.  Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (and one of my favorite actors) received an award at the 2015 Trumpet Awards in Atlanta and I “seized” my moment!

Jamie Foxx gives me one of his famous looks!
Jamie Foxx gives me one of his famous looks!



















Exert from my previous post:

Tip of the Day: Anybody that knows me… KNOW that I’m not afraid of hearing NO. I’m more afraid of not asking. Most people are afraid of rejection which causes them to miss out on opportunities. I’ve been in sales all my life and have faced rejection inside & out of the office. I don’t take anything in business personal and ANY pushback is an opportunity. It doesn’t stop ME! Yeah, I have to work a little harder to get what I need/want but it will NEVER come just waiting for things to happen. READ about my 1st experience with comedian Steve Harvey HERE.

In this picture… Jamie was about to leave the red carpet to take his seat for the show.  It’s a long story but here’s the short version.. I left my spot at the beginning of the carpet & moved to work with a friend.  OMG, I had to hustle for EVERY shot in that space.  To my horror… most of the talent skipped the area and went into the building!  Again I had seconds to act… so I made my way over to him and “kindly” asked for the shot.  I can’t believe some of the shouting and rants from other media trying to get pictures from talent.  It almost sounds like they’re calling an animal.  They forget that kindness and humbleness will get you a lot closer. 🙂

Had another moment at the end of the show.  Now this was tricky… Jamie had tons of people trying to get pictures with him.  And on top of that.. his precious “hungry” babies were with him.  It was a LONG day and most of us were starving by 9PM so I had to  be EXTRA considerate.  You have to watch whats happening around you and move appropriately. Boy I almost missed him… we were posing for a selfie but Jamie was sweaped away by an old buddy.  He was obviously happy to see him so I stayed in the cut and waited for him to pause.  And AGAIN he came back around to give me the moment.  🙂






Stay tuned for more #TrumpetAwards highlights!




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