Top Tips for the Red Carpet

Top Tips for the Red Carpet
Red carpet photography can be extremely competitive, especially if you are hoping to sell your photographs. Unlike a private shoot where you might have plenty of time to make sure that the model, lighting and focus is perfect, red carpet photography requires you to think fast in order to get a good shot. With this in mind, here are a few tips for anyone who’s heading to the red carpet as a photographer.
Often, when taking photographs of the stars on the red carpet, you will be sharing a small, cramped space with a number of other photographers who are all vying for the best picture. If you’re only usually competitive during family board games or when playing online, then you may need to learn how to stand your ground amongst loud and pushy photographers. That said, it is also a good idea to remain polite – many photographers will shout and scream at the red carpet stars in the hope of getting their attention, but this approach is not always successful and can sometimes prove off-putting.
You may find that red carpet photography requires a lot of waiting around. Use this time to chat to your fellow photographers – if you’re often photographing at the same venues then you’re likely to spot a few familiar faces, and building up good relationships can be beneficial, even if you are competing for the best pictures.
Finally, be prepared. Although you could be waiting for over an hour for the stars to arrive on the red carpet, you might only have a second or two in which to capture the perfect picture. Make sure that your camera is all set up and do a few test shots before the stars arrive so that all your settings are already perfect. This can be vital in getting the best possible red carpet photographs.

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