Tracey Edmonds of Deion’s Family Playbook Honored at 2014 Diamond Awards In Atlanta!

I was on a 3 day lockdown enforced by my hubby this weekend… but for a good cause!  My family moved into a new home and I’m SOOO happy.  Unfortunately, I missed Tracey Edmonds of Deion’s Family Playbook at the 2014 Diamond Awards in Atlanta GA.  I knew there would be a few casualties (missed events) but this hit the hardest.

I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Hollywood executive & producer last year and couldn’t believe how stunning she was.  Would’ve been nice to see if I could top one my favorite photos of 2013 (pictured below).

Tracey has two boys of her own and is the producer of the hit reality TV show Deion’s Family Playbook.

Tracey Edmonds
Tracey Edmonds






















And of course seeing Dionne Warwick perform would have sealed the deal for the evening.  But oh well, I was busy building a new world for my 2 little boys… PRICELESS!!

Dionne Warrick







Mark Dodd, CEO of The Not Alone Foundation established The Diamond Awards to honor individuals in the entertainment and business worlds who, through their perseverance and success, have made a significant impact on their industries. From donating their time, money and influence to philanthropic activities, to acting as a role model or pioneer for others in their fields, these individuals have opened new doors and changed the world.

Congrats to all of the honorees!  View the complete list HERE


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