(Trailer) Trapped: One on One with Filmmaker and Women’s Rights Advocate Dawn Porter

Talk about “eye opening” moments… Did you know that abortion clinics are closing down all over the nation due to increased costs of compliance and fear of violence from protesters??








March 2, 2016, the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments for Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt.  Their decision will impact the safe and legal right to choose for millions of women. Dawn Porter’s Sundance award-winning TRAPPED takes viewers behind the scenes of the laws that sparked this landmark case.

U.S. abortion clinics are fighting to survive. Since 2010, hundreds of laws regulating abortion clinics have been passed by conservative state legislatures, particularly in the south. These restrictions, known as TRAP laws (or Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers) are spreading across America. As the battle heads to the U.S. Supreme Court, TRAPPED follows the struggles of the clinic workers and lawyers fighting to keep abortion safe and legal for millions of American women, many of them poor and uninsured.

Watch the trailer Featuring: Dr. Willie Parker, Amy Hagstrom Miller, Marva Sadler, Nancy Northup, June Ayers, Dalton Johnson, Gloria Gray

Directed by: Dawn Porter

Producer: Marilyn Ness & Dawn Porter


I had a chance to chat with Dawn and was totally blown away.

RobinLori:  Thanks so much for this interview…  what sparked your interest in this fight or campaign?

Dawn:  I was conducting interviews for a film in Mississippi and couldn’t believe the clinic where closed.  This is where I met and spoke to Dr. Parker, a man of faith and knew I wanted to do something.

RobinLori:  I must have been stuck in the entertainment world because I can’t believe we as a nation have come down to closing down clinics…!?!?  What is your purpose for this documentary?  Is it to bring awareness or to rally?

Dawn: Actually both. Just as you mentioned… a lot of  people are unaware of happening.  We are taking the screening across the country to bring awareness of the health risks for women.  Women are performing unsafe procedures or forced to drive 300 miles away to get “safe” treatment.  The laws seem reasonable but it’s actually a sneak way to force shutdowns because they can get rid it.

RobinLori:  I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with abortions but we absolutely must have safe resources for women.

Dawn:  Yes, its between the female and GOD…  not the government.

RobinLori:  Absolutel, thanks so much for your time. 🙂


Stay tuned for more information on TRAPPED post-screening and panel discussions March 17 in Atlanta.



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