Trina Braxton Performs at 2013 Trumpet Awards “High Tea in High Heels”

Trina Braxton of the Braxton Family Values gave a fiery performance at the 2013 Trumpet Awards “High Tea in High Heels” event last weekend… singing her hit single “Party or Go Home”.

Trina Braxton

It was a nice surprise because it was totally unexpected. I watched for a couple of seconds and finally realized… that’s Trina!

She really proved herself to be a true professional when the music suddenly stopped right in the middle of her performance.  It didn’t stop her… she kept right on dancing and singing as if NOTHING happened!  The music quickly resumed and the team fell right back in place for a brilliant performance.

KUDOS to Trina and her dancers!

Watch the official “Party or go Home” Video produced by one of my favorite photographers Derek Blanks:

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