One on One with Trina Braxton: Retro-Pop Diva

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with TRINA Braxton: A Retro-Pop Diva and yes… she is dynamic!

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Trina E. Braxton evolved from singing in an R&B girl group (The Braxton’s) with her sisters to multifaceted entertainer and astute businesswoman. Best known for her bluntness, Trina is a fan favorite on WE’s top-rated reality show, Braxton Family Values and has delighted audiences with her fun and bubbly personality. –






My first burning question touched on her explosive “Party or Go Home” performance at the 2013 High Tea w/ High Heels Trumpet Awards .  Trina was totally in her element and I wanted to know the difference in her experience with solo performances and singing with her sisters.  Read my previous post about the performance HERE.

Trina Braxton/Pic by RobinLori
Trina Braxton/Pic by RobinLori













It’s RobinLori: You were totally in your zone while perfoming at the Trumpet Awards “High Heels” event.  Do you feel a difference in singing solo vs. with your sisters?  Trina Braxton: Yes.  I feel more comfortable with my sisters surrounding me and I’m not as worried or self-contained.  Singing by myself makes me a little nervous and believe it or not… I’m always thinking, “what would my sisters think of this performance?”

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It’s RobinLori:  I’m also a singer and have a twin sister…  we both take on different parts/roles during our performances.  What part(s) do you sing?  Trina Braxton:  We are contralto’s but jump around based on what’s needed.  I sing 2nd soprano most of the time.

It’s RobinLori:  I know you are a busy woman with family, career and your special projects.  How do you balance work and family?  Trina Braxton:  Sometimes you have to say, “NO”.  My children are first and when I’m gone for weeks at a time… I get that “hey mom” look.  You have to decide it’s time to settle down.  It’s RobinLori:  Even if you miss an opportunity?  Trina Braxton: Yes, I have a son going to college. I can get other opportunities but I can’t get time missed from my children.

It’s RobinLori:  Speaking of career… tell me about your RETRO-POP project!  Trina Braxton:  It’s TOTALLY Trina.  Fun, bubbly and ALL dance! The EP single will be out in a couple of weeks and there’s NO ballads.  It’s RobinLori:  Wow, not one ballad??   Trina Braxton: I want to establish myself as an artist in this genre, gain the RESPECT and maybe a little suprise ‘here & there’ down the road.

It’s RobinLori:  You are stepping into a different arena from R&B… a world of your own.  Your sister Tamar even mentioned your “valley girl” personality on the show.  What advise would you give to young ladies that may be afraid to “dare to be different”?  Trina Braxton:  I only know how to be me.  Why live someone else’s dream? 

Trina Braxton
Trina Braxton/Pic by RobinLori

















MANY thanks to Trina Braxton & her team for giving me this opportunity.  Wishing you joy & happiness with your family and career!



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