True Confessions: Tips From A Female Photographer

Many of you may visit my blog looking for photography tips based on technical SKILLs such as lighting, Digital SLR basics, composition and the latest camera equipment. I have a true confession… this is NOT that type of blog.  My journey as a female photographer does not include an extensive knowledge in technical terms but the experience. I’ve only taken a few basic classes and have NEVER been to photography school.



Tip of the Day:  Experience is the BEST teacher.

Have you ever heard the phrases “play by ear” or “raw talent”?  Some of our best singers/entertainers and pianist have never attended an art school nor can they read a single note.  It’s called a “gift” and I kind of liken myself to this type of artistry.  Before I was a photographer my twin sis and I traveled the nation as professional singers.  My mom had no clue we could sing until the age of 7.  Can’t tell you how I knew how to sing… the melodies were in my head and I was able to deliver through my voice.


The same goes for my photography… I currently specialize in “event photography” and have a vision of what I want to see.  Then I figure it out with my camera.  LOL!  Guess it’s part of having a great EYE.   Most of my fellow photogs can just go into a room and set their camera’s based on logistics.  I can’t… it takes a little extra time for me to play with my setting to get it right.  That’s why I try to arrive at my events EARLY.

Now don’t get me wrong… It’s VERY IMPORTANT to learn the craft along with the experience. I just happened to do this backwards by building a career without photography school. But I’m constantly reading and watching tutorials whenever I get the chance and I AM planning to attend more classes. 🙂

So there you have it… I try to be helpful by sharing my experiences,  NOT my skills.

Here’s a pic of my first bumble bee.  This was one of the first shots with my new camera 5 years ago.  Some would say it’s luck and others would say it’s raw talent. I say it’s a GIFT.

bee 019




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