(Video) 2016 #SupercrossLIVE VIP Experience with Andrew and Jacki Short

Over the weekend, I was super lucky to get a behind-the-scenes look at 2016 Monster Energy SupercrossLIVE  with 450sx racer Andrew Short and his AMAZING wife Jacki Short!  Last year, I attended this family event with my boys Brandon and Jonathan and they certainly had a blast (see previous 2015 post).  My little buddies weren’t able to tag along this year so I managed to enjoy this excusive tour alone 🙂

Andrew Short - Photo from vitalmx.com
Andrew Short (CA) – Photo from vitalmx.com
Andrew and Jacki Short - 2016 Monster Energy Supercross LIVE - Atlanta
Andrew and Jacki Short – 2016 Monster Energy Supercross LIVE – Atlanta

























The experience began with an awesome welcome lunch with Jacki at the Atlanta Downtown Hilton and the group was escorted to the race track for the promoter track walk.  Soon after, we were taken to the “rider seating” to catch the qualifying for 250SX Groups and the 450SX Group A qualifying which included Andrew!!  After the qualifying were escorted by Jacki to the pit for a tour of Andrew Short’s team truck.

I had a chance to chat with Jacki as we walked to the pit and I asked, “Do you ever face fear or nervous energy during Andrew’s races?”

Jacki: “Not at all, I grew up racing myself… I just focus on him making the full laps but of course I want to make sure he’s ok.   I’m fully aware of what to expect and I don’t cheer or yell because he can’t hear me.  It’s just a miserable day if they don’t do well on the track…. they’re so hard on themselves. 

We were able to take a peek inside the truck and it’s truly a home away from home with all the bells and whistles.  It has a 2nd level and there’s enough parts housed inside the truck to make 2 cars!  AND they have a personal mechanic who lives them.  How cool is that?!?!! Jacki also shared a VERY interesting fact about the goggles worn by most the racers.

Check out my little video:

We were then escorted to a private suite to enjoy the show and stuff ourselves with all the food we could eat from the catered reception.

Me and Andrew Short!
Me and Andrew Short!
















I felt really honored to spend time with #TeamShort for this special event as Jacki shared it will be Andrew’s LAST year (last race in ATL)!!  Unfortunately, Short and 2 other riders had a pretty bad crash during the 2nd heat of the race:

I was so happy to hear that Andrew was ok from his injuries.  Here’s a exert taken from Motorcross Transworld.net on Monday.

“Well, I’m pretty banged up from crashing Saturday night in Atlanta. The worst part was getting my second concussion in less than three months. The burns, bruising and cuts will heal but injuring my head scares me. I would like to thank Eddie and Dr Alexander from the asterisk crew for helping with assistance and medical care. At this point I don’t know when I will return to racing but would like to thank the whole @teambtosports crew and sponsors for the support. Besides God and family there is nothing I love more than being at the races around dirt bikes.” – Andrew Short

Wishing #TeamShort a wonderful NEW adventure!  Sending a very special thanks to the #SupercrossLIVE team for this amazing experience.  Check out a few more pics I snapped of the little kiddie riders and more!


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