(Video) Jada Pinkett Smith Stops by Atlanta to Promote NEW Film ‘Magic Mike XXL’

Today, I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta press conference with the BEAUTIFUL Jada Pinkett Smith who is promoting her NEW hot & steamy film, Magic Mike XXL!!  Jada sat down with us and shared all of the “juicy” inside details of the film and her POWERUL role… “ROME”, a woman from Mike’s past.

Rome is now the impresario of a one-of-a-kind exotic entertainment palace, which takes them down a rabbit hole of possibilities that are nothing short of inspiring and brings a fresh focus to their performances.  Likewise, Pinkett Smith, who had never been to a strip club before, says,…

“When I saw how exhilarating it was to be with other women in that environment and see how much joy they were getting from celebrating these beautiful men and really exploring that primal nature within us, it was an eye-opening experience for me.”

Jada Pinkett Smith















Jada Pinkett Smith – Atlanta
















Magic Mike XXL
Magic Mike XXL
















Y’all, Jada took my breath away as she walked in the room with such beauty. Guess I was expected her to be a little more laid back…??  She wore the prettiest summer dress with fiery Louboutin shoes…  and she exuded so much confidence, style and class.  Take a look at my video of Jada speaking about her role in the film.  NOTE: It’s a little shaky at first but I got the hang of it:



Everyone in the room was full of excitement and burning with questions.  By the time it was my turn… all of my questions had been answered.  I’ve only been introduced to this type of entertainment/industry through this film so I made a comment to Jada instead.  I expressed my appreciation for her “celebration of women” in the film and encouraging women to know their sexual identity.  As the MC… she always referred to the women in the film as “queens” and highlighted their beauty.  I could totally relate to that.  Jada turned to me and said..

Jada Pinkett Smith Atlanta
Jada Pinkett Smith Atlanta



I wanted to change the role and create a celebration of sexuality. The room was filled with women and you know how it could get… but I had a comradery with them.  It was like Burger King… we had it our way! “











After our Q & A, Jada was kind enough to pose for pictures!  OMG, thought I was going to die because my camera LOCKED up. I had to beat it down to capture at least a few good pics. UGHH!!  #LifeOfAPhotographer

Sending a HUGE congrats to Jada on all of her success and special thanks to Allied THA for your wonderful hospitality and delicious lunch! Don’t FORGET!!  Magic Mike XXL will be in theaters nationwide on July 1st!

Check out the trailer:



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