(Video) Kelly Rowland Stops by Atlanta to Help Kids Enjoy Outdoors! #Claritin


It was a hard decision.. but I’m SOOO glad I brought the boys along with me to visit the Boys & Girls Club Atlanta and to cover Kelly Rowland and her partnership with Claritin, the #1 selling non-drowsy allergy brand.  Kelly, who suffers from allergies and is also from ATL… has teamed up to help kids enjoy the benefits of being outdoors.

Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland






Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland




Also on hand was Practicing physician and co-chief at Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, and Claritin C.L.E.A.R Council Member Jonathan Field, M.D.

Jonathan Field MD
Jonathan Field MD



Did you know that most kids only spend about 30 minutes outdoors??  Wow.. I remember the time we couldn’t come back inside the house until we spent most of the day outside.  LOL!  Well, Claritin has a plan to change this statistic by helping the BGCA create active outdoor spaces.










“Spending time outdoors helps my family and me set aside everyday distractions and feel our best,” said Rowland. “I remember feeling as though I was trapped inside when the pollen count climbed. My worst symptoms were itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose, but now, I reach for Claritin when I have allergy symptoms. Everyone should be able to enjoy spending time outdoors, regardless of if they have seasonal allergies. That’s why I’m so proud that in my second year working with Claritin, the brand is teaming up with an organization I’ve been working with for years and is so close to my heart, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, so members can more fully enjoy their play time outdoors.”


Kelly Rowland claritin



Here’s a small clip of Kelly as she talks about her mission and purpose for partnering with the program:



So back to my happiness in bringing my boys…  Kelly totally gave them so much love!  We were ALL able to sit in the room during her interview with Atlanta journalist Chris Daniel and she immediately took notice and said, “These boys are so handsome!”  My mouth dropped but I still managed to say, “These are my boys”.  She actually stopped for a few minutes to ask them several questions about their age, school and couple of other questions (I was in a zone) …  I’m SOOO proud of their responses and behavior.  They were also able to see mommy working and I’m truly grateful for that. 🙂




Check out their pic with the beautiful superstar!










And check out MY blurry “It’s RobinLori shout out from Kelly!!



It was along afternoon for the boys coming straight to the event from school… and even though they had their iPads… I was running out of time.   We made a dash out of the building as soon as the interview was over.  So I didn’t get a chance to snap pics of Kelly with the kids at BGCA or any of the special program. But here’s a few fun pics from the event 🙂



Sending a very special thanks to Kelly for her kindness & for making my boys smile from ear to ear.  And to Chris Daniel for making it all possible. 🙂

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