(Video) Macys “Faces Of America”: Meet Singer Kameron Corvet!

Yours Truly was on the scene (working) for Macy’s “Faces of America – The Music Edition” and was totally BLOWN AWAY with a new artist coming your way… Kameron Corvet!!  Macys at Lenox hosted a panel with some of the industry’s top musical influencers & celebrities including Rasheeda (Love & Hip Hop), Dina Marto (Twelve Music & Studios) Melvin “Mel-Man” Breeden  (Radar Live & Big Cat Records) and  Ashley Banks (Music Pros Live).

The room was filled with aspring artist, producers and songwriters who were able to take advantage & learn from these trailblazers who shared SO MUCH knowledge and life changing advice.


Macy's Faces of America





Hosted by CBS News Anchor Tracye Hutchins… the event also included a Music Pros LIVE talent showcase and the one and only Kameron won the prize which included a $25o Macy’s gift card & some valuable studio time.  Let me say first… ALL of the contestants were AMAZING.. but one truly stood out.  All the way from Cincinnati… this talented song-writer & guitarist took control of the stage with his confidence, smooth vocals and superstar look.  Rasheeda said she LOVED the lyrics to his original song… I think it was called “They Led Me To You”.



Kameron Corvet / Facebook
Kameron Corvet / Facebook


Kam is no stranger to the industry as he opened for Adele & is currently working his own projects.




Here’s a few more iPhone pics I snapped at the event.  And be sure to visit Kam Corvet’s website at www.KameronCorvet.com


BONUS: I managed to record a small “iPhone” clip from Kam’s Macys performance:



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