(Video) McDonald’s USA & AeroSoul Street Artists Paint the Town with Lovin’

Did you catch the BET Honors?? During the show McDonald’s® USA also premiered a new campaign and I’m LOVIN’ IT!









McDonalds teamed up with AeroSoul street artists to paint the town in the new “Lovin’ Where You Live” campaign, which launched with a 60-second “Good Things” TV spot, consumers saw real street artists working side-by-side, along with professional actors, to spread messages of love and positivity to those around them.

This campaign is in conjunction with McDonald’s newest initiative to reignite the spirit of “i’m lovin’ it” using the simple idea that a little more lovin’ can change a lot. This idea inspires everything the company does moving forward to put a little more lovin’ into the world and help create stronger connections with its customers.

Check out the clip!


McDonald’s Lovin’ Where You Live campaign is an extension of the company’s 365Black platform, which celebrates the pride, heritage and achievements of American-Americans year round. For more information, visit 365Black.com.


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