(Video) One on One with Jocelien: NEW Single ‘White Flag’ to Premiere during 2015 BET Hip Hop Music Awards!

Wow, time fly’s… this time last year I was on the red carpet photographing all the top rap artist.  Meet JOCELIEN who’s new single “White Flag” will premiere during the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards happening in just a few weeks in Atlanta! I was able to chat with this young & talented artist last week to get an inside look on what’s to come!

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But first… take a look at “White Flag” video promo clip:



RobinLori:  How did you get your start in the music industry?

Jocelien:  David Payton heard me sing the National Anthem and incorporated me in his stage plays.  My break through came about 2 years ago and I started recording.

Note: Playwright and producer David Payton tragically died in a car accident in 2011.  He was known for his stage plays including “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” which was made into a movie.


RobinLori: Oh my goodness… so sorry to hear.  Let’s talk about your new single ‘White Flag’.

Jocelien: ‘White Flag’ has a little POP and R&B…. it’s not just one genre.  POP makes me wanna swing my hair, R&B makes me wanna get my groove on.  This is my love & passion… I sing when I’m happy and sad. I sing what I feel…  This album will have all different genres in one.


RobinLori:  Nice, do you have time for friends and social life?

Jocelien:  I’m pretty low key and pretty much hang with people I know.  I’m home-schooled which makes it hard to meet new friends and I’m so busy singing… I can’t go to a lot of places.  Some just don’t get it.  It’s good to be with people who support and encourage you.











Jocelien (from Greenville NC) has a wonderful support system including her grandmother & mom who is also her manager.  Although I kind of managed myself at the time.. it reminded me of my mom who was the anker behind my ship as I fought those HARD waves of the “entertainment” business.  Whew, so many memories… It was so cute… mama and grandma was on the scene during our discussion.  LOL!

Mom:  I’m a nurse and didn’t understand the business but each day I learned more and more… including the fact that money talks.  I financed the commercial ads that will be played during the BET Hip Hop Awards.  Every break the music will play… giving Jocelien more exposer and introducing her to the WORLD!

Be sure to catch Jocelien’s music during the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards which will tape on Oct 9th (AIR date will be announced soon).  And follow her on Twitter @JoceLien_Danee

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