My Weekend GetAway Treat: NEW Spa Sydell Facial and Massage!

Time fly’s when you’re having fun.  🙂 I haven’t been able to share some of my special weekend getaway treats with you.  I just couldn’t let this one slip by… Spa Sydell‘s NEW Facial\ Spa Sydell Skin Treatment and Massage!

Spa Sydell Park Place Team
Spa Sydell Park Place Team













Last week, I stopped by Spa Sydell at Park Place by Perimeter to see the miracle worker Goldie, an esthetician (skin therapist) where I was the FIRST received this NEW & exciting offer… Facial (Skin Treatment) & Massage which includes:

  • Hand, foot and scalp massage
  • Warm hand mittens and warm foot booties
  • Customized Skin Care Treatments
  • Updated Consultation Cards for Skin Treatments and for waxing service

You HAVE to try the “ Sydell Facial” which is their specialty.  Goldie gave me the NEW standardized “ Cleansing” and “Facial Massage” and she’s training all their Skin Therapists on this procedure.

One small thing I appreciated was the scalp/facial massage. It kind of took me by surprise because I’ve NEVER had this type of service (that I can recall).  I think it actually relaxed my brain.  LOL!  I get headaches 3 times a week and ALWAYS on the go…  it was the perfect combination.  Goldie was soooo patient and calming.  I kept asking her to repeat things 10 times but she continued to smile and treat me like it was the first.  She even customized her program to fit my “pain” threshold which is VERY LOW.  I was extremely pleased with my face feeling refreshed and clean from all the delightful products and techniques.  Sending a HUGE thank you to my new friend Goldie. 🙂

















Speaking of FIRST…  Spa Sydell products are 10 % off (15% of with Series) which is the highest discount offered in 4 years! Ladies and gents, we owe it to ourselves… take advantage of this special AUGUST sale TODAY!  Schedule a service by calling 404-255-7727.












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