My Weekend Getaway Treat: Tory Burch Perfume!

Woe is me (so I thought)…. I found myself getting a little down because my trip to VA was cancelled.  My granny is 97 years old and I truly wanted to get up there to see her and my beloved mother.  Due to the winter storm my “ever so wise” hubby made the decision to stay. #grateful  But in the meantime…







Earlier this year, I posted about one of my favorite designers Tory Burch and the new cosmetic line.  See post HERE







I received a very special delivery from hubby which put a smile on my face!  Of course it doesn’t compare to seeing all of my family including my dad and favorite auntie but this certainly helps!  Looking forward to spending more time with all boys 🙂

And ladies…. It smells HEAVENLY!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!


photo 2


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