My Weekend GetAway Treat: Waterford Crystal!

Ok, so it was my first time EVER purchasingWaterford Crystal.  This was the PERFECT opportunity to indulge a little for my Weekend Getaway Treat 🙂

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo














Yesterday, I photographed another fabulous event at Macy’s which featured  designer Fred Curtis engraving pre-purchased Waterford crystal pieces LIVE & IN PERSON.  It was fascinating to see Fred and all of the smiles from his “Waterford” fans.  I thought to myself…  hmmm, why not purchase my own?!!?!  It’s Mothers Day for crying out loud.  I DESERVE this!!

So in true fashion… I went on the hunt for my weekend getaway treat and found a beautiful “small” vase to start my collection.

Happy Mothers Day to ME 🙂

NOTE: I don’t use photographs captured for my clients… so here’s a few Instagram pics I snapped.

My treat settling peacefully in my bedroom.

photo 4













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