The White House and Small Business Administration Launch ‘Startup in a Day’ Initiative and Prize Competition!

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The White House and U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), in coordination with the National League of Cities, JUST announced the launch of the Startup in a Day initiative, a partnership with U.S. cities to develop online tools that let entrepreneurs discover and apply—in less than a day—for local, state, and federal requirements needed to start a business.








“I’m calling on city halls across the country to join the initial eleven mayors in a simple but powerful pledge to entrepreneurs and small business owners: If you want to start a business, we’ll make it so easy to navigate the license and permitting system online, that you’ll be off and running within 24 hours,” said President Obama.

Also, the White House announced August 4 as the date for the first-ever White House Demo Day, which will bring together entrepreneurs from all walks of life, from all across the country, to “demo” individual success stories and build on efforts like Startup in a Day to empower diverse innovators from around the country to launch and scale companies.


The Startup in a Day Initiative

As any entrepreneur or small business owner knows, starting or expanding a business often entails dealing with considerable red tape, from setting up a legal business structure, to understanding zoning laws and licensing requirements, to acquiring various permits. Research suggests that small business owners are potentially more frustrated by mundane red tape than by other obstacles.

The good news is that fairly simple and affordable technological solutions exist to digitize, consolidate, and condense into a matter of hours the licensing and permitting requirements that can otherwise take days or weeks of an entrepreneur’s time—time more productively spent on developing goods and services, finding customers, and growing the business.

To encourage adoption of these technological solutions, the Administration announced a package of federal, local, and nonprofit commitments that ensure American small business owners spend less time navigating red tape—and more time creating jobs. 


Stay tuned or click HERE for more information and participating city listings.


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