Why I Cry For The Artist Formally Known As #Prince… It’s ALL in The #CircleOfMusic

If you’re like me… you woke up this morning feeling more saddened by the death of the “Artist Formally Known As Prince”.  It’s finally dawned on me as to WHY I cry for these great musical icons and it all leads to the Circle of MUSIC.  Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince have all  suddenly left us and I have personally gone through all 5 stages of grief in a matter of 24 hours.


Niagara Falls Pays tribute to Prince #PurpleRain


Denial and Isolation – My hubby actually sent me a text yesterday and when I saw the news… I couldn’t/wouldn’t believe it.  I kept waiting for the “internet hoax” alert.  But it never came… I wanted to be alone in my car to process, to mourn one of the greatest musicians in the world.


Anger – I was soo angry at myself because I took for granted the opportunity to see him LIVE at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta last week.  I even fooled myself into thinking I wasn’t that big of a fan.  “Smell Your Roses”…  I preach this all the time!!  “What a hypocrite” I thought to myself.


Bargaining – I kind of panicked… Thoughts of my children not knowing Prince haunted me.  I started to wonder… “Is it too late to go through all of my records to introduce them?  DO I still remember his songs?” I wanted to pull out EVERYTHING that was purple to keep the memory.  Somehow this would fill in this painful gap… this sudden loss I wasn’t ready for.


Depression – I couldn’t eat y’all… and you know I lOVE to eat.  I could barely keep it together when my kiddies hopped in the car from school… but thank goodness I was able to carrie on through the motions to get through the day.  My body was there but my mind was on the other side of town.


And then there’s Acceptance – For some odd reason… this is where I am this morning as I write this post.  Prince is gone and a piece of me died as well.  As you know my first love is music… the Purple Rain album and movie was the single most influential element in my life as a teenage.













I’ll never forget this… I went to see the movie with my twin sister and could actually feel/understand how lyrics of a song tells a story and pulls out so many different emotions.  Prince took us on a journey and invited us to see his life as a child in an abusive home, to get a glimpse of his experiences in becoming a man and to learn how his love for music allowed him to overcome tragedy.


I was a 14 year old aspiring singer when I finally realized this beautiful principle…  music is a part of life.  It was with you when you’re heart was broken for the first time, it was with you when you lost a loved one and will be with you until you give your last breathe.  And this is why I cry…


It doesn’t matter if your black or white, young or old… we are all connected by the “circle of life & love”.  Thank you Prince for teaching us the “circle of music”…. it will live on throughout eternity.


Here’s a just a small reminder of the MAGIC… Prince’s iconic Super Bowl XLI Halftime:




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