Can Women Have it All? Family and Career: Tips from a Female Photographer

Everyone knows I LOVE listening to The Bert Show and this morning’s segment included a discussion about women having a career and family.  Kristin (radio host)  talked about her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie press junket/interview with Will Arnett and Meagan Fox which sparked my topic today.  By the way… I’m SOO going to be a rock star mom because I’m taking the boys to see the advanced screening 🙂

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Can women “really” have it all?  Here’s my little Tip:

YES we can.  But NOT “successfully” alone when you have kids to nurture and protect.  Meagan Fox, star of the TMNT movie is a mom and feels women were made to manage tons pieces & can have both… but not without the guilt of being away from the kids.  I face this guilt over and over again but I’m comforted in knowing my boys have a strong & loving dad at home to carry on the torch.  He is the solid rock behind our family and we work beautifully together.

KEY FACTOR:  You cannot have a career… flying off to la la land for yourself but leave your kids unattended. THEY are the most important focus and it requires a support system or someone being there to make sure they have what’s needed emotionally, socially, physically and mentally.  Its NOT enough to just provide what they “so called” need (clothes, food & shelter).  REAL parenting requires guidance, support in their dreams & goals and FULL attention to their learning, ideas, health and influences.

Trust me… It ain’t easy.  Most of the time I’m tired but my boys look for smiles on my face, hugs & kisses.  I fuss… but make sure there’s a balance of encouragement and cheers.  In addition to my kids & career (blogging & photography)… I attend bible class 3 times a week which keeps me focused on the spirit within and maintain household chores & business with my hubby.  This leaves LITTLE room to spend 3 hours a day on hair & makeup and figuring out what to wear.  LOL!  I actually like fashion but it’s not on my priority list to keep up… especially financially.  Too many books & investments to purchase.

You can’t have it ALL focusing on YOU.  Sacrifices “somewhere” have to be made. I chose to cut off spending too much time & money beautifying myself.  I make sure I come correct/decent to my events and that’s enough for me & my clients.  I also know that the real beauty lies within.  Folks spend half the day prepping their outside appearance but fail to fix the HELL they raise on the inside.  Oh but don’t sleep… every now & then momma will step OT in style!

I’m also grateful to have a twin sis who looks like me & loves my boys JUST as much as I do.  She’s not jealous of my career but genuinely wants to help me with my journey. I cannot tell you how many HATERS are in my OWN circle but it doesn’t stop the show. Just sit back, get some popcorn and enjoy watching 🙂




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