Yikes! My 9 Year Old Son Wants to Learn How to Talk to Girls… Here’s What I told Him

This morning I received the biggest SHOCK when my 9 year old son innocently asked, “Mom, can you teach me how to talk to girls?”  Who knew he was even interested at this age?!?!  I was stunned… especially after hearing his last conversation with my older nieces and their girlfriends.

Jonathan, Brandon and our doggie Jackson
















Like a typical 9 year old… he was mean, cold and cynical.  LOL!  I was floored and quickly told him, “You don’t speak to girls like your little boy buddies”.  My nieces assured me it was normal for kids to speak to each other this way… “hmm… I don’t know about that”, I said to myself.  In my heart I wanted to believe that Brandon’s logic in being a tough guy would win hearts. So when he asked me the ULTIMATE question this morning… I used the opportunity to reinforce a pivotal “life”lesson I’ve been trying to teach him…  “choose to be positive and speak positive words”.

Here’s what I told him:

Brandon, girls LOVE to hear kind words.  For example… If you see a young lady reading a book and you want to chat… instead of saying, “Why are you reading that book..?  It’s stupid.”  

You can say, “Hi there, I see you’re reading. Will you share a little about the book?”

I couldn’t believe it… he was actually quite and listened without interruption!  All this time I’ve been trying to get both of my boys to speak more kind words and practice good manners…  THIS new interest may do the trick.  I believe a seed was planted and he wants to do better!  Now Jonathan (7) on the other hand… has NO problems or concerns with the little ladies because he’s fully aware of his beautiful big eyes.  My Brandon is handsome & stern… but needs just a small dose of warm fuzzies. 🙂

I was surprised he didn’t ask dad the BIG question… but guess what..??  If you want to know how to speak to girls and learn what girls like… females are the best resource. Way to go Brandon!


2 thoughts on “Yikes! My 9 Year Old Son Wants to Learn How to Talk to Girls… Here’s What I told Him

  1. Robin, I just can’t with this!!! I just had to have an initial part of ‘the talk’ with Morgan! I’m not ready, but I guess ready don’t care!

    Loved your response to Brandon – great job, Mom!!

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